Diabetes Foot Problems

Diabetes is a disease in which the body is not able to filter glucose levels properly, and that leads to damage of the nerves and blood vessels. When this damage occurs, two main problems happen, nerve damage and poor blood flow. These conditions can lead to many diabetic foot problems.


Diabetic nerve damage is also called neuropathy. When you have neuropathy, your sensation of pain in your feet is diminished. This loss of pain sensation could make one unaware of a sore, blister, cut or rash until it becomes infected. Neuropathy will affect the amount of moisture delivered to your skin and may cause dry, cracked feet. These cracks can also become infected.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Damage to your blood vessels, or peripheral vascular disease, leads to poor blood flow to your legs and feet. This condition impacts how well your body will be able to heal a cut or blister. Smoking also decreases blood flow to your extremities and will compound the lack of blood flow.

Potential Problems

Neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease work together to create major problems for your feet. For example; you have a rock in your shoe, but you can’t feel it under your toe because of neuropathy. By the end of the day, you have a blister on your toe and it does not heal well because lack of blood flow to your foot. The blister gets infected, and excess glucose in your bloodstream (due to diabetes) feeds on the germs on the infected toe. If this sore does not heal, it may turn to gangrene. If your physician can’t keep this from spreading, you may have to have your toe, foot or part of your leg amputated. Gangrene is a condition where the skin and flesh around a wound turns black and dies.


Calluses on your feet are also common when you have diabetes, usually due to poor fitting shoes. You should prevent calluses from forming in the first place, by gently using a pumice stone while your skin is wet. Rub lotion on your feet directly after using the pumice stone. Calluses need to be treated by a doctor. If left without proper care, calluses may get thick and fall off, leave an open wound in the skin, and become infected.


How can you avoid diabetic foot problems? Stop smoking. Buy comfortable, properly fitting shoes. Inspect your feet every day, preferably at night after a long day of usage. Look for redness, sores, cracks, blisters, calluses, cuts and rashes. If you are unable to bend down to look at your feet, use a mirror, or better yet, get someone to check for you. Wash your feet every day in warm water; avoid hot water, as it dries the skin out. Rub a good lotion on them; make sure the foot is completely dry before putting on socks and shoes. Make sure the area between the toes is dry as well. Use a pumice stone on calluses every day. Trim your toenails carefully, or have a professional do it who understands the proper way to avoid skin injury. Wear socks, shoes or slippers to protect your feet. Get the proper amount of exercise each day to keep circulation moving to your feet.

You should be under a physician’s care to help protect your feet from diabetic foot problems.

Health Care Natural supplements and Personal Care for Every Individual’s Needs

Amidst the visibility of the many drugstore and more expensive beauty products, branded pharmaceutical products and such, some have turned “green” and are generally on the hunt for efficient, cost-efficient personal care products and health care supplements which do the very same as their commercially made version. Men and women by some means still know how to go back and stick to the basics.

Natural and organic beauty products

There is also a steadily building market for ladies who opt for organic beauty and personal care products. Purchasing organic products not only assure consumers of safety, but also persuade these people to be concerned of our surroundings.

What things to prevent in personal care products

Talc, parabens, polybutene, mineral oils, and lake dyes – If consumers can veer away from applying products that contain these, so much the better. Parabens, put into use as preservatives, lead to untimely skin aging and is also an allergen. Natural personal care products mainly make use of rosemary essential oils, anisic acid, in addition to plant-derived ingredients to conserve quality of a skin care product. Mineral oils any time used as lotions pose risks of cancer in continued use, with respect to a research made at the University of Illinois School of Public Health. Lotions made from sunflower oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil provide hydration to the skin devoid of side effects.

Going green does not always mean using products with minor effectiveness. A lot of personal care including health care products made nowadays consist of natural plant-derived components. Excellent products are papaya and glycolic acid (produced from sugar canes) present many toners and lotions. They’re superior exfoliators and skin brightener compared to hydroquinone (a well known component present in a great number of commercial products but is known as a carcinogen).

There are many natural and herbal personal care products produced these days by companies whose goal is to produce a better alternative to commercial products whilst conserving the surroundings as well.

Inorganic and natural health care supplements

Numerous natural health care health supplements are preferably utilized for prophylactic applications and not all of the time as a cure. Garlic, for instance, is observed to reduce the triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the human body. When combined with proper diet and prescription medication, it enhances the over-all well being of an affected person. Regarding brain alertness, health supplements using gingko biloba and ginseng supply the the necessary strength to endure a day’s function.

Milk thistle, a well-known liver cleanser and anti-oxidant, is seen as a renowned herbal health supplement for men and women with liver diseases. Milk thistle comes from a flowering plant and its seeds happen to be used for greater than 2000 years as remedy.

Additionally, it supports normal liver function and safeguards it from toxic substances. This is certainly among the best selling herbal health care dietary supplements these days, well suited for patients who take a number of drug or individuals who have been treated for alcoholism to assist their livers heal.

The list keeps growing for natural and plant-derived substances that boost the overall wellness of the body. More research and development companies are expected to conduct clinical trials to officially put herbal and natural medication in the market for treatment.

Why Should People Floss?

Daily flossing is an essential element of proper dental hygiene. It removes plaque, which can turn into tartar and cause gingivitis and gum disease. Regular cleanings by a dentist or hygienist help reduce tartar build-up. Studies have also shown that flossing even prevents strokes and heart attacks. Treat your teeth to flossing each day to improve your health and smile.


People should floss their teeth at least once a day to remove food particles and plaque that a toothbrush doesn’t reach. Plaque is a sticky layer of material which contains bacteria, causes tooth decay, and can also cause inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), which can then lead to periodontal disease.

Plaque can start forming as soon as four hours after brushing. When plaque is not removed, it eventually hardens and turns into tartar. Tartar can only be removed by a dentist or hygienist.


More dangerous bacteria can start building up in the tartar and producing toxins. The toxins irritate a person’s gums, an inflammation called gingivitis. Gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, where the toxins invade the bones supporting the teeth. This can lead to bone loss and loose teeth, and even to teeth falling out.


Studies have also indicated that flossing helps to prevent strokes and heart attacks. Periodontitis and even gingivitis are strong risk factors for cardiovascular disease, because of the stress of continuous inflammation in the body. In one study of stroke patients, severe periodontitis was shown to significantly increase the chances of a stroke occurring.

The American Academy of Periodontology states that people with periodontitis are almost twice as likely to have heart disease.


Flossing has cosmetic benefits as well. It stops ugly tartar build-up, and also prevents bad breath. It’s easy to prove how flossing stops bad breath by doing some flossing and smelling the debris that is removed.


Many styles of floss are available – waxed and unwaxed, wide and regular, and there are flavored kinds such as mint and cinnamon. They all work about the same. The one consideration might be to use a wide floss if you have wider spaces between your teeth, but the most important thing is to choose a product and use it daily.

Water-piks are not as effective as floss, because they do not remove plaque.


Floss should be gently rubbed up and down between teeth, and into the spaces between the gums and teeth. The American Dental Association recommends flossing for two or three minutes, and states that even people who floss daily typically do not spend enough time at it.

Use Best Supplements For Build Mussels

Our sleep cycles hey we normally sleep completely go to sleep here K we go into work he personally it would obviously this is usually the majority are time here and I actually respect the you’re going into are usually far are usually well was hits veterans have managers over there become added each completion from going it back outdo light sleep around ninety minutes one and a half-hours we continue to repeat those cycles all the way through the night now this the four wheeler what about the rest been is asleep right now about the hormonal that that’s what is the big deal about sleep interval.

All more response building muscle well as during this time here guys are the flea that we release the most growth hormone we’re going to do it at that now even if you know I have be understanding of hormones you have to pretty was no based on his name to growth hormones going to be good for you guys I want to grow now with are in this release and growth hormone happens in our first sleep cycle that’s the rivers are you have a sleep cycle at this is like will go lot user to see that are you time get a little bit longer a little bit longer unfortunately we’ll keep popping out growth hormone a larger quantities during that time.

So is really important that we go into deep sleep at some point that I so you can take advantage of that first growth hormone release the biggest one of the night why is that so interesting and so or because if you watch your night I said how Oren priestly protein is you want to have the constituents of muscle-building in place verify with growth hormone is going to be working to help you to become more anabolic okay don’t want to be carried to private at night or completely barren many food especially high quality protein.

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That’s why it’s awkward star of you sleep with the right situation but now we did here we see that more sleep cycle that we I yet I’ll the more the growth hormone will have over these in the morning Apollo we cane cases we get more local muscle to get more cooperation a call up but there’s another trip yeah it’s Lee I think a lot of guys times overlook or they inadvertently nor feel different but they don’t know how to describe their feelings the sleep cycles are we feel the most rested right go with the sleepy come out you going to ditch the vehicle at it did you ever notice how sometimes you can sleep for hours are 3 three hours feel great as I think it’s Lee longer than that you can sleep eight hours.

Daily Skin Care At Home

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Younger and instantly remove your wrinkles then use Vanish anti-raging skincare an instant age defying makeover instantly race wrinkles smooth out crow’s feet eliminate puffy eyes no injections for surgery look five to 10 years younger Banish a facelift in a bottle when it comes to keeping our faces looking younger smoother and more vibrant many people are willing to go to extremes they’ll get countless injections a bow talks unknown toxin just to smooth out wrinkles they’ll even go under the knife for a potentially dangerous surgery to try and look little younger the problem with these extreme options is there often expensive risky and they don’t always get the results you want fortunately for you Mina is the alternative to all these extreme options that really works this revolutionary serum is designed forgone single purpose results youthful skin in three simple steps.

  1. Wash your face thoroughly with amid facial cleansers and gently towel dry
  2. Massage in a national Easter Rising anti-aging cream with circular upward motions
  3. Allow Mina to absorb into your skin use twice daily for maximum effectuate proven ingredients behind the science at this product are the ingredients each component that Mina plays an important role in eliminating wrinkles smoothing out your skin and providing supple younger and firmer looking face the all natural ingredients all come together to help address can issues at a microscopic level cell structure is targeted and repaired eliminating fine lines and other wrinkles on the surface of your skin but these ingredients don’t stop at the surface of your skin vitamin E acetate is a powerful antioxidant that can destroy free radicals on contact how much oil pan to peptide for matrix I’ll is a skin rejuvenation compound that consists of five amino miracle physiotherapist acids linked together to reduce sun damage and other signs of aging witch hazel is nature’s best kept secret witch hazel is a powerful anti-microbial an anti-inflammatory which eliminates fitness and dark spot under eyes art I really need is a naturally defoliant immediately penetrate six layers deep into your skin surface to boost the production of collagen in combat wrinkles from the inside out coconut oil Catholic is a revolutionary new compound.

Choosing A Fitness Instructor Course

Are you alert nearly your wellbeing? Are you gaining unit continuously and are unable to do anything nearly it? Are you intelligent for a gym that can supply you to get perfect body and modify you examine statesman attractive? If yes, gym in Cambridge will ameliorate you get the desired embody concretism. Moreover, workout techniques followed in these gyms module forbear you in holding your watch and body fit. Today, every paper and magazines has eudaemonia sections as excavation as numerous blogs on web are dedicated to health and suitableness, as people acquire prettify really health aware.

Amongst the numerous gyms in Cambridge, the DW Sports Soundness gyms domiciliate the foremost of soundness equipments as advantageously as hump cunning ain trainers for their clients. These gyms are not exclusive fit accoutred but also content bespoken breeding programs to jibe the requirements of every individualistic. Moreover, Condition Centers in Diplomat offers set exercises to get perfect embody cast, to intensify execution and for solid upbeat. They also create knowledge yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yogalates pilates and statesman. These centers also cater upbeat arr numerous reasons, for {weight expiration, processing the abs or simply to rest fit.

Raspberry Ultra Ketone

Numerous gyms also tender exclusive suitableness services for its old members. The senior members who are aged 60 and above can revel a gym term, a daily aquatics, training and can flush affect with a potable in the lounge. Galore fitness centers in Metropolis supply proper upbringing techniques in rule to refrain loss patch lifting weights and workout. Exercise before travail helps the limbs to get supple and thus reduces the difficulty on the muscles.

Moreover, Gym in Capital stress on exploit a healthier embody and manage. Drill helps the embody to remain limber and fit. If you are adiposis and require to decline weight, connexion a gym is the someone deciding. A gym provides you with a breeding schedule so that you can worsen a peculiar total of unit in a donated case period. Rightful two hours of exertion every day can exploit you in controlling your coefficient and also maintaining a lusty embody. The variety of nutrient you endure also plays an key persona Numerous Gym in Cardiff apprize their customers to rise exact fast. Yobbo edifice diets are not the unvaried as the usual diet. For embody edifice, not only sharp intake of protein is constitutive but also decent quantity of protein and fat should be exhausted. Lightweight drill is glorious to goodness bosom patients considerably as it helps them in torrid the body fat. This helps in lowering the total of cholesterol in body and also decreases the coefficient of an individual in a worthy gym. Moreover, you can also savour the special offers that Sports Soundness gyms engage in the festive toughen. You can also link their fan edifice and help sinewy discounts.

Health and Fitness is a Decision

Fitness and Health is a Decision

It was February 16th 2011, I was 34 years of age, 186lbs, 5’7″, and in the worst shape of my life. Throughout my life, I have been active in martial arts, swimming, tennis, break dancing, and running. When I hit my 30’s, just like most of us, life get’s busy and takes over a lot of things that we want to do in life for recreation. So because of this, I let life get the best of me and I started to eat whatever was in the way to doing my errands and going to work. Sound like a familiar story? It happens to all or most of us. Just look around. There are McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s popping up all over the place because they are supported so much by the nation that business owner’s know what sells.

You Think you Know but you Don’t

One of the biggest problems today is that people would probably eat healthier if they just knew what foods to eat and what foods not to eat. When people go out to eat these days, they order a salad thinking that they are safe cause it’s a salad. Truth is, when you go to a fast food or restaurant, the salads are some of the worst things to eat on the menu. For example, an Apple Walnut Chicken Salad at Apple bee’s sounds healthier than the Ribs right? Wrong! It’s just as bad with 1000 calories, 65g fat, 53g carbs, and 55g protein. Or let’s go to the Cheesecake Factory and have a weight management salad there. The Asian Chicken Salad on the Weight Management menu has 574 calories, 39g fat, 68g carbs, 39g protein. So much for controlling your carbs. Now don’t get me wrong. Apple bee’s and Cheesecake Factory have great food, but to over consume and eat out often at places like this, will eventually kill you.

Are you Happy With the Way you Feel Daily

One of the reasons I took on a 90 day program to improve my health was because I felt slow and tired everyday. Not only that, but it was harder for me to breath just putting on my shoes or cutting my toe nails. I know I’m not the only one. Everyday I told myself I needed help but then your busy life takes over again and you put it on the back burner. Fast forward 6 months and 10lbs heavier later. I had to realize as many people do, that I won’t get better, lose weight, or become fit without work. Anything in life with great rewards takes some kind of commitment and consistency. It is no different transforming your body.

It Starts and Never Ends with Eating Right

How many times have you heard of someone you know that did some kind of diet pill or medical procedure just to see them enjoy a few months of happiness and then, 4 months later, they are even bigger than they were before. Like I said, great rewards come from some commitment and consistency, not cheating and laziness. Laziness is what got them there. Know this, if you want to achieve true health and fitness in your life and live longer with your loved ones, you MUST combine proper nutrition, with both cardio and resistance training. Not one, not two, but all three, to achieve true long term success. It may seem like a bit much in the beginning, but take it one step at a time. Start with changing the way you eat. When you do that, you will slowly start to feel better and have more energy than usual. Once you start feeling better, your body may tell you that you need to start exercising because I feel great with energy. Once you start working out and your body gets used to moving a bit more in workout fashion, commit to a complete road map of cardio and resistance training. (There are several programs out there that you can look into. Each program has a different routine and are categorized by your fitness goal. I have included some that I have done at the end of this article). By the time you start exercising, you will start seeing a change in the way you feel daily and may have lost a few pounds. Keep it up, cause you are well on your way.

What Type of Program Should I Look Into?

First and Foremost, decide what your fitness goals are. Is it just to lose weight? Or is it to lose weight and lean up with muscle mass definition? When you figure that out, get yourself a picture of someone on the internet or magazine that you would like to be like. I like the Internet because I can stay at home and have access to more pics on the computer than driving around and finding the right magazine. Then, once you have decided your fitness goal, you need to go out and look for the fitness program that works for you. You can choose going to the gym, hiring a personal trainer, or doing a proven in home fitness program that requires minimal investment, a complete road map through your workouts, a nutrition guide, and DVDs that will guide you daily on exactly what you need to do. Everyone is different and stays motivated differently. I chose to do in home fitness programs because in the past, getting up to go drive to the gym was hard at times. With an in home program, All I had to do was put on a shirt, shorts, and shoes and I was ready to go. I have many friends that go to the gym religiously, and after years, they looked the same or even worse. The problem is is that they tend to do the same workouts time after time. I preferred the in home programs because they guide you what to do daily and they change it up to constantly keep your muscles working in different ways, that way your growth never plateaus.

General Routines vs Muscle Confusion

General Routines I refer to is when an individual works out the same typical things each week. They do the normal bench press, curls, dead lifts, tricep kickbacks, and such every week. Their muscles get so used to the same routine, that they plateau.

Muscle Confusion includes these same workouts, but then adds other routines as well in different angles and positions to work your muscles in all different directions. What this does is keeps your muscles guessing and doing different things. Changing workouts constantly over weeks keeps your muscles from adapting to a set routine and prevents your muscle growth from plateauing. P90X is a program that uses muscle confusion and has proven to work with thousands of people in the US alone. It is an in home fitness program that you can do in the privacy of your own home and you don’t need to invest in a complete home gym. P90X will guide you through a 90 day schedule and also provide you with a nutrition plan to accompany your journey. Remember, nutrition is 80% of the your results.

Plan Your Workout Schedule Before you Start

You want to make sure that you know which road leads to success. Before I started my fitness program, I wrote in all my workouts on a calendar that I was supposed to do on every specific day for the whole 90 day program. That way, once I finish my workout on Monday for example, I can mark it off as done and know what i must prepare for on Tuesday. Doing this daily, helps me to stay on track to know what day and week I am on, and look at the calendar as a whole and see what I have accomplished so far, and what journey lies ahead. It also shows me a current road map as to what I am currently building upon myself. Monday for example is chest and Back, and then I look at tomorrow and see that I am doing Plyometrics, which is jump training. So by looking at the calendar, I see what areas of my body are getting covered as I go. This helps you to stay motivated, especially if you need to work on that specific area that you will be working out the next day.

Plan your nutrition for the week and make sure you have available what your schedule says. It is vital to eat enough while your body is working. If you are worried about starving because you are starting to eat healthy, chances are, you probably will struggle to eat enough, cause your body will be demanding more at times cause it has increased it’s activity. When I started my 90 days, I weighed 186 and the nutrition plan suggested that with my age, weight, and activity level, I am to eat 2700 calories per day. I was eating 5 times per day so that meant that I needed to average 540 calories per meal. So to answer that question about starving?You are less likely to starve when committed to a fitness program then you would as non active. All you need to do is make sure you follow the nutrition guide provided to you with whatever program you decide to do.

Staying Motivated

Let’s be honest, no matter who you are, you are going to run into days when you just don’t want to get moving. For me, when those days came about, I learned that once I got past the warm up, I was good to go. It is the getting warmed up that is the hard part. It is harder for your body to get moving from cold muscles than it is from warm muscles. So if you can get motivated enough on those sluggish days to get through a warm up, I guarantee you that you won’t stop there. Some people also like to workout with a workout buddy. The only thing is that it is usually hard to have the same schedule as somebody else in this lifetime. If you do have that luxury, than great for you. I run a fit club every Saturday in Las Vegas where I live and it is great. We support all people with beginner to elite athlete fitness levels and we all do some cardio and resistance for 1 hour. It is a great way meet new people, motivate each other, and feel great about yourself.

If You’re going to do it, Do it Right

If you are new to working out, here is a tip: Work your way into the routine one step at a time. Don’t try to be a hero and go above and beyond the first day and pass out. You have to introduce your body to this new lifestyle and it’s gonna need some time to reach a level that impresses you. Make sure that you know how to do each exercise properly by asking someone credible at the gym or watching them on a DVD program and then emulating. Some exercises done improperly can cause injury or you could be working out an entirely different muscle that you’re supposed to be. It is not that difficult, just pay attention, learn it, and you will be fine.

Fight to the End, Get Plenty of Rest

Always, always, always, remember why you started. Make every workout count, and make every rep count. Keep your goal in front of you and prove to yourself that you can stick it through to the end. Make sure that you get plenty of rest as that is when your muscles actually grow. Keep fighting for more, associate with people that support you and are pulling for you. Have an accountability partner that will hold you accountable when or if you start to fall apart and slack. Working out is to improve your well being, not to make you worse. Make the Decision, make the commitment, and you will be on your way to a better you.

Pay it Forward

With my experiences and results in fitness that I have proven to myself, it means to me if I can’t share it with others. I have had the opportunity to help people get started in their own fitness journey across the nation by sharing with them what has worked for me. Feel free to visit my blog post and learn about the programs I decided for myself to be effective. I urge you to find the right program for you. Feel free to email me with any questions. For me, fitness is not just getting results for myself, but also in helping others improve themselves. By doing this, we can help the world become healthier, end the trend of obesity and bad nutrition, and show the youth, the future of this world, a healthier living by leading by example.

How to Use Cocoa Butter to Get Rid of Scars

From that scraped knee you got as a kid to that recent cut you received in the shower from shaving, you’ve experienced a scar or two at some point. Even bug bites can leave constant reminders of past camping trips. Your body naturally sheds layers of skin. Regardless, scars can still be visible. And although they are a natural part of life, you can remove scars. Cocoa butter is a great beauty treatment to hydrate and smooth skin, that doubles as a scar removal cream.


Treatment for Scars

  1. Start with clean skin. This prepares the scar for treatment. For extra healing benefits, exfoliate the skin with a course wash cloth in the shower, then towel dry.
  2. Firmly massage pure cocoa butter directly into the skin in a firm, circular motion. Since scars are made up of thick, fibrous collagen, the rubbing motion aids in smoothing the appearance of the scar. In addition, moisture from cocoa butter helps stimulate the breakdown of the collagen protein.
  3. Make sure to continue massaging skin until cocoa butter disappears. Skin responds well to moisture and the biggest benefit of using the scar removal cream is the skin hydration it provides. Pure cocoa butter, because of its great moisturizing qualities, has great affects on old and new scars. Hydrating the skin with pure cocoa butter will not only lubricate skin, but help lighten scars
  4. Continue this application up to three times a day. Over time, you will begin to notice a change in the look and feel of your skin, plus a less visible scar. Also remember your skin will continue to heal itself with aggressive massaging.

What to Eat When You First Get Braces

Getting braces is a pretty common occurrence for young people. In fact, orthodontists are able to adjust people’s teeth at younger and younger ages. When a person gets braces they may experience some soreness and tenderness in their mouth, their gums and their teeth. After getting braces you have to be careful with your choice of food so that you do not damage the braces, brackets or wiring. You have to be especially careful with what you eat immediately after you have the braces put on.


If your teeth are especially sore after you get your braces, you may want to opt for some nourishment you can get in the form of a beverage, rather than eating a food that requires chewing. Some beverages you may want to try consuming include milk shakes, smoothies, fruit juices, drinkable yogurt and milk.

Liquid Foods

Eating food that has more of a liquid consistency is a good idea to prevent you from further discomfort if your mouth is sore immediately after getting braces. Some foods that have a liquid consistency include soup, grits, porridge, oatmeal, cream of wheat, applesauce, pudding, yogurt, frozen yogurt and soft-serve ice cream.

Soft Foods

If you are craving food that seems more substantial than those that are available in a liquid form, you may want to try some soft variety of foods that can be eaten without a great deal of chewing or impact on your teeth. Soft foods include mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables such as carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans and broccoli. Soft fruits such as bananas may be OK to eat as well if you are feeling up to it. Cooked beans such as brown beans, kidney beans, lentils, pinto beans and black beans are soft as well. Cooked varieties of pasta are also softer foods, but may require more chewing and should only be eaten if you are feeling very well.

Mild Temperature Foods

If your teeth are sore, they may be more susceptible to sensitivity from extreme hot or cold temperatures. If you eat soup, allow it to cool off first and avoid any drinks that contain ice.

Altered Foods

If you are really craving something that might hurt your teeth, see what you can to do alter it to make it softer for you to eat. For instance, if you are craving Frosted Mini Wheats, let them soak in milk for a while so that they become soft enough for you to easily consume.

Teeth With Braces: Foods to Avoid

When wearing braces, it’s very important to know what kinds of foods to avoid. Foods containing sugar should be minimized, and other kinds of food particles and bacteria can get stuck behind the braces and lead to tooth decay.

Sticky Food

Any foods that will pull or get stuck in your braces are best to be avoided; that includes all types of chewing gum, gummy candies, caramels, fruit roll-ups and licorice.

Hard and Crunchy Food

Popcorn is especially troublesome because the bits, pieces and hulls slip into tiny crevices. Avoid hard candy, nuts, chewing on ice, corn on the cob, pretzels, hard cookies (unless you soften them with milk first) and hard or chewy crusts of any kind. If a food is overly crunchy when you bite into it, be cautious.

Hard Food Exceptions

You can still enjoy apples or pears, but you need to cut them into small pieces or wedges first–taking a bite without doing this can cause too much stress on your braces. You can eat raw carrots, too, but shred or grate them first.


Brush and floss your teeth often. If you have a sugary snack, brush as soon as possible.


If you do not avoid foods that are inappropriate, you will spend a lot of extra time at the orthodontist. Damaged braces can lead to a longer treatment process.